Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is a fund management company founded in 2012, which currently has four funds and around EUR 6.8 billion under management.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is a multinational team with extensive experience and knowledge within the fields of regulated infrastructure and renewable energy. The team has a broad range of competencies within corporate finance, merger & acquisitions, engineering, construction, project development and project management.

CIP was established in 2012 by Senior Partners with a proven track record from senior positions in the energy industry.

CIP has built a large investment team capable of originating proprietary investment opportunities and executing projects and investments based on the team’s industrial background, large industrial network and extensive experience in structuring, executing and managing investments within energy infrastructure.

Our current investments include a wide range of energy infrastructure assets including offshore wind, onshore wind, offshore power transmission, biomass and energy-from-waste, and solar PV investmentsCIP focuses on Europe, North America and East Asia (Taiwan).

Funds Under Management

CI I was established in 2012 with a total commitment of EUR ~1,000m by PensionDanmark (one of the largest labor market pension companies in Denmark).

CI Artemis was established in 2014 with a total commitment of EUR 392m by PensionDanmark, dedicated for the DolWin 3 investment.

CI II was established in 2014 with a total commitment of EUR 2bn by 19 Danish and international institutional investors: PensionDanmark, Lægernes Pension & Bank, PBU, JØP, DIP, Nordea, PFA, Nykredit, AP Pension, SEB Pension DK, SEB Pension SE, Lærernes Pension, Oslo Pensjonsforsikring, Villum Fonden, KLP, Townsend on behalf of a UK pension fund, Widex, LB Forsikring, and EIB (with the backing of the EU through EFSI).

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ (CIP) new fund, Copenhagen Infrastructure III (CI III), held a final close on March 23, 2018 at the EUR 3.5 billion hard cap exceeding the EUR 3.0 billion target fund size. The fund obtained commitments from 42 institutional investors comprised of pension companies, insurance companies, family offices, and asset/fund managers.


Copenhagen Infrastructure New Markets Fund I K/S (CI NMF I) will invest in renewable energy infrastructure in the fast-growing major new economies primarily in Asia and Latin America. The fund will focus on greenfield investments and can take both development and construction risk. The fund expects to invest in 6-10 projects over the coming years.

CI NMF I reached first close in May 2019 with USD 700m in commitments from cornerstone investors PensionDanmark (PD), Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (ATP), Kommunal Landspensjonskasse (KLP), and Lægernes Pension. The fund is expected to reach approximately USD 1 bn in commitments from institutional investors primarily pension and insurance companies.

CIP’s CI NMF I has a dedicated team of investment professionals with energy infrastructure experience in both Asia and Latam, as well as emerging markets in other parts of the world.

Dedicated and Competent Team

CIP is a team of approximately 80 people, with a balanced mix of competencies, skills and the experience required to invest in, execute and manage large scale and complex energy infrastructure projects.

CIP has a large investment team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in the energy sector. The team has practical commercial, industrial and project execution experience.

An extensive support organisation, with a mix of financial, legal and technical competencies, ensures that the majority of the Senior Partners’ and Investment Team’s time is spent on investments.

Industrial Partnerships

CIP creates value from industrial partnerships through efficient execution based on a well-tested cooperation model.

As all CIP Senior Partners and most of the senior CIP team members have an industrial background and significant experience in cooperating in partnerships with industrial companies, CIP has a proven ability to work with industrial companies.

CIP has access to proprietary projects through its extensive industrial network and all deals to date have been sourced on an exclusive basis. Furthermore, we engage in risk sharing with our industrial partners to limit project specific risks.

Institutional Investors

Our investment product is tailor made for institutional investors. We invest in regulated energy-related infrastructure which provides attractive, stable returns over several years.

Attractive returns are still available. This is, in part, due to the fact that the downward pressure on tariff levels for regulated energy infrastructure assets to a large degree is offset by rapid technological developments.

All of our funds have limited leverage and a significant focus on de-risking, both on portfolio and individual investment level.

The Senior Partners

The Senior Partners have worked closely together as a team for more than 10 years and have all held senior positions at the leading Danish energy company, DONG Energy, prior to establishing CIP.

The Senior Partners have a unique combination of hands-on experience and execution skills covering all aspects of energy infrastructure investments.

The Senior Partners have established a broad industrial network with leading industry partners. This enables CIP to enter projects at an earlier stage than most other financial investors.