Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is an infrastructure fund management company. The company is managed by the five partners: Jakob Baruël Poulsen, Rune Bro Róin, Christian Skakkebæk, Torsten Lodberg Smed and Christina Grumstrup Sørensen. Each of them has extensive experience of investing in energy, infrastructure and general mergers & acquisitions. Throughout the last 13 years they have worked closely together and have been responsible for the construction and operation of some of Europe’s largest energy projects.

In total, the partners have more than 50 years of experience in infrastructure investments and have carried out numerous transactions with a combined value of more than EUR 30bn. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners K/S manages, as of today, three funds, Copenhagen Infrastructure I K/S, Copenhagen Infrastructure II K/S and CI Artemis K/S.

Copenhagen Infrastructure I K/S was established in 2012 with PensionDanmark as its limited partner. The limited partner has committed DKK 7.2bn/EUR 970m (equity) for infrastructure investments in Europe and North America. The fund is a 20 year buy-and-hold fund. Investments can comprise equity as well as debt instruments.

Copenhagen Infrastructure II K/S was established in 2014, and has 19 financial investors. The investors have given a total commitment of approximately DKK 14.7 bn (EUR ~2bn). The fund’s focus will be on investments in energy infrastructure in Northern and Western Europe as well as North America, primarily renewable energy investments.

CI Artemis K/S was established in 2014 with committed capital from PensionDanmark of approximately DKK 2.9bn/EUR 382m. CI Artemis K/S is a special purpose fund and the capital has been invested in the German offshore transmission asset, Dolwin 3.