Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners launches a new fund with first commitments of approx. DKK 8 bn/EUR 1.05 bn.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is launching a new investment fund with eight institutional investors. The investors have made a total commitment of approx. DKK 8 bn/EUR 1.05 bn. The fund will focus on energy infrastructure investments in Northern and Western Europe, as well as in North America.

Eight Danish institutional investors, DIP, JØP, Lægernes Pensionskasse, PBU, Nordea, Nykredit, PFA and PensionDanmark, have committed a total of DKK 8 bn/EUR 1.05 bn to a new fund, Copenhagen Infrastructure II K/S. The new infrastructure fund is managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and will focus on investments within energy infrastructure such as biomass fired power plants, electricity transmission grid and onshore and offshore wind power.

”The return on this type of assets is often regulated or based on long term contracts, which make the return less volatile and relatively independent of general market conditions. It is in this specific area we specialize, and we are happy that we have been able to gather such a broad range of institutional investors,” says Christian Skakkebæk, partner in Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

The fund is open for commitments until the end of Q1, 2015. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners expects a total commitment to the fund of DKK 10-12 bn/EUR 1.3-1.6 bn.

Copenhagen Infrastructure II is a 20 year ”buy-and-hold” fund, meaning that the fund, as a starting point, is expected to retain its investments throughout the entire lifetime of the fund. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners expects that the fund will be invested within three years.

For any further information, please contact:

Partner Christina Grumstrup Sørensen or Partner Christian T. Skakkebæk, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, by phone: +45 70 70 51 51 or by e-mail:

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) is a management company founded in 2012. CIP is owned and managed by five partners: Jakob Baruël Poulsen, Rune Bro Róin, Torsten Lodberg Smed, Christian Skakkebæk and Christina Grumstrup Sørensen. The partners have extensive expertise within infrastructure investments and mergers and acquisitions. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners was established in October 2012 in connection with the foundation of the fund, Copenhagen Infrastructure I K/S. In addition to Copenhagen Infrastructure I K/S, CIP manages the fund CI Artemis K/S, which has invested in the establishment of the German offshore electricity transmission grid, Dolwin 3. Both funds have PensionDanmark as their sole investor.