Investments in CI A II

CI Artemis II K/S was established in 2020 with a total commitment of approximately EUR 300m and has invested into an operational portfolio of four HVDC offshore converter systems. The assets are all located in the German North Sea and comprise approximately 2.8 GW transmission capacity. The assets are held in a partnership with TenneT (the Dutch Transmission System Operator).

The portfolio consists of BorWin1, BorWin2, HelWin2 and DolWn2 converter stations which were the first HVDC systems to connect offshore wind farms to the grid. All assets have reached commercial operations with some smaller ongoing construction to connect further wind farms. The investment is subject to the same regulatory framework as the investment into DolWin3 by CI Artemis K/S in 2014.

CI Artemis II K/S has a long-term investment focus.