Investments in CI IV

CI IV was established in 2020 with a total commitment of EUR 7bn (hard cap) exceeding the EUR 5.5bn target fund size. The fund obtained commitments from more than 80 institutional investors comprised of pension companies, insurance companies, family offices, and asset/fund managers.

The investment strategy of CI IV is a continuation of the successful predecessor funds CI I, CI II and CI III, and is tailored to institutional investors with a long-term investment horizon. CI IV will focus on greenfield investments within core energy infrastructure projects and investments are based on long-term contracted cash flows and robust investment structures including low energy price risk exposure and cautious use of financial leverage. The fund has a global reach and will diversify investments across technologies such as offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, transmission, storage, and waste-to-energy in low-risk OECD countries in Western Europe, North America, developed Asia, and Australia.