Waste-to-Energy, Europe


A large-scale conventional waste-to-energy (WtE) plant located in Lostock, Cheshire (UK)

Lostock is a 60 MW energy-from-waste (EfW) plant located south of Manchester in the UK. The site of the plant was previously the site of a decommissioned coal-fired power plant. Lostock is a partnership with FCC Environment, a leading waste management company with a long track record within waste and operations management.

Lostock complies with the key factors identified by the IEA as important to ensuring best practice and economical EfW development, namely:

    • Application of best available technology
    • Monitoring of emissions to air and water to ensure regulatory compliance
    • Stakeholder consultation with local communities
    • Waste disposal fees

CIP decided to invest in the Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant in 2019. Once build, the Lostock plant will be able to convert approx. 600,000 tonnes of waste annually into renewable energy for more than 35 years, thus significantly contributing to the UK government’s goal to reduce landfill and waste exports. It will be one of Europe’s largest energy-from-waste plants, generating renewable energy to power around 115,000 households.

In both the development, construction and operational phases of the Lostock project, we continue to be dedicated to the long-term strategic and mutually beneficial partnership that CIP has formed with FCC. Apart from contributing financially to the project as a minority co-investor, FCC Environment will operate and maintain the plant as well as source and deliver the 600,000 tonnes of waste that the plant will process each year.

Lostock will create hundreds of local jobs during the construction phase as well as ~50 permanent jobs in the operational phase. While generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors, the energy plant will positively impact the climate by contributing to the UK government’s goal to reduce landfill and waste exports and offsetting more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.


Estimated equivalent households powered annually while operational (total project).


Tonnes in CO2 emissions offset per year (total project).

Financial close (Project start):

Q1 2019

Commercial operation:

The project has not yet reached COD


Under construction


Lostock, UK




Two-boiler line WtE plant

CO2 footprint:

Off-sets 200,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions per year

Investing fund:

Copenhagen Infrastructure III