Offshore wind, Europe

Veja Mate

An offshore wind farm of 402 MW located in the German part of the North Sea

Copenhagen Infrastructure II invested both equity and mezzanine as an investor in the Veja Mate project alongside Highland Group Holdings and Siemens Financial Services. Construction of the project was completed in 2017, under budget and four months ahead of schedule which was achieved due to contributions from valued project partners and suppliers as well as active de-risking during the development and contracting phases.

At the time of the construction of Veja Mate, the turbines were installed on very large monopile foundations. This presented the project with potential issues complying with regulatory caps on underwater noise during installation of the foundations. Thus, the project company engaged a key supplier to install “double bubble curtains” on top of other mitigation measures to ensure adequate noise reduction. Thanks to our experienced employees and partners, a strong focus on innovation and fast decision processes, we were able to install the foundations within the regulatory limits.

In addition to creating approximately 20 permanent operational roles, the project led to many more jobs being created at sub-suppliers and contractors during both the construction and operations phase. Today, Veja Mate is fully operational and is expected to generate enough power to supply over 545,000 German households and offset 785,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions per year.


Estimated equivalent households powered annually while operational (total project)


Tonnes in CO2 emissions offset per year (total project).

Project start:

Q2 2015

Commercial operation:

Q1 2018




North Sea, Germany


402 MW


67 Siemens Wind Power SWT-6.0-154 turbines

Investing Fund:

Copenhagen Infrastructure II